Spirit (The) of trees

Fred Hageneder
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Fred Hageneder
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Science, Symbiosis and Inspiration


Trees are one of Earth's oldest life forms; silent witnesses to human evolution and the passing of time. Many people today are unaware of their significance in Earth's ecology, their medicinal and nutritional properties, or the veneration bestowed on them by ancient peoples.

This book captures all these elements in an inspiring holistic appraisal. Hageneder looks in detail at 24 of Europe and North America's best-loved trees: their physical characteristics, their healing powers, the traditions associated with them and how they have inspired human beings through the ages.

Beautifully illustrated with black and white photographs and illustrations.

100 b/w illustrations and diagrams

Fred Hageneder is a harpist, graphic designer and artist whose passion for trees started in his teens. He has composed music for The Celtic Tree Circle, and painted tree portraits, many of which appear in this volume. Born in Hamburg, he now lives in the Cotswolds, England. He is the author of The Heritage of Trees (Floris Books).

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